An bhfuil éifeacht ag fad sreang na srón?


An bhfuil fad ansreang srón have an impact? Currently there are two types of sreang sróns: external and internal, with external aluminum and internal plastic.

The aluminum sreang srón is stamped out by a mold, so the mold determines the length of the aluminum sreang srón. National standard: 90MM for adults and 80MM for children. Of course, some manufacturers also have lengths of 88MM and 85MM.


The built-in sreang srón is made into a large circle by an extruder, and cut in various rows according to the needs of the mask. The built-in national standard only stipulates the width and thickness. The specific cutting length is determined by the mask factory according to the mask, usually 100MM, 120MM

Fad ansreang srón is long or short, does it have a greater impact on the wearing of the mask? We all know that the sreang srón plays a fixed role in the mask, as long as it can be bent and formed, does not rebound, and fix the mask on the bridge of the nose. Or a bit shorter does not affect the basic function of the sreang srón, you can buy it with confidence.