Cad iad na pointí ar chóir aird a thabhairt orthu agus tú ag ceannach earloop masc?


Pointí le tabhairt faoi deara masc a cheannachearloop:

1. Pay attention to the material ratio: usually the materials are spandex, nylon, and polyester. Different materials have different benefits. Choose the appropriate maskearloop material according to your needs. Most customers choose spandex and nylon. Use The authors reported that this kind of elasticity is better and it is comfortable to wear.


2. To choose the appropriate specifications:earloop are round or flat, thick and thin, choose the appropriate one according to the style of the mask, usually one-time use round 3.0mm, kn95 use flat 4.0mm.


3. There are more New Year’s activities, and the colors of maskearloop have also increased. In order to better distinguish when wearing masks, many customers have also ordered colored maskearloop, with regular specifications and colors. complete. Warm reminder: If you need color, you should book in advance, and the color matching also takes time.